2018 Placemat to eat gnocchis. Barcelona, Spain

I was born and raised in Argentina. There, we have a tradition that, I would like to think comes from our Italian immigrant influence. Every 29th of the month we eat gnocchi, an Italian dish made of potatoes and flour. The fact that is an end-of-the-month kind of meal has a lot to do with the cheapness of the ingredients, even tho this doesn't make it less delicious. My grandma used to make it for us very often and it still is one of my favorite pasta dishes. So there is this myth that when you eat gnocchi you should put some money under the food plate to have good fortune in money next month.
So I went ahead and customize my placemat with the money embroidery. The coins were pierced manually and are a selection of Argentinian peso, euros, and pounds.